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him_tbbt_100's Journal

How I Met The Big Bang Theory 100
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Weekly drabble challenges for The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother
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1. No flaming. Constructive criticism is more often than not appreciated but do not flame and if the author requests only positive comments, please respect those wishes.
2. Only fanfiction for TBBT and HIMYM is allowed. This means no fiction about the actors. Crossovers between the two are allowed but other shows are not (unless it is the mentioning of a show they might be watching, etc.)
3. Rules are subject to change, modification and addition.
4. No netspeak. ("LOL", "OMG" and the like are acceptable in comments. Use of these in drabbles are not allowed unless the characters are using it themselves or it actually fits the context.)
5. Obey the mods. They are: elaborationlove (that's me), and damalur. If you would like to be a moderator, please email me at dearest27helpless@yahoo.com.
6. Only drabble posts are allowed. If you want to discuss the show, please visit another community. If you would like to affiliate or advertise, please contact me before doing so.
7. Tags exist for a reason. Use them.
8. All drabbles should be under an lj-cut. To do this, use the following code, minus the asterisks. <*lj-cut="text"> body <*/lj-cut>
9. Drabbles do not count unless they are exactly 100 words long. This includes lyrics and other things that may not be actual story content, except for the title, author, etc. listed below.
10. Spoilers must be marked appropriately. (So, if there is a spoiler for an upcoming episode, give the season number, episode number and episode title. Marking already aired episodes is not necessary but if you would like to, follow the same guide for upcoming episodes.)

Please use the following format for your entries:

I do request that that is the word-for-word set up because it keeps the community looking neat and organized. To get the bold setting, simply use <*b>text<*/b> without the asterisks (or copy/paste from the text box).

The following should be in your subject bar:

your lj username // your team // number of drabbles

The Teams:

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